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Coming together, sharing and discovery:

choose your own adventure!

“To CARE” is our favorite word

We take extremely good care of our horses because they are our family and we take good care of our guests because they can be part of our family, too.
The pact of trust we made with our horses is about slowing down in order to protect them from overworking because of careless mass tourism.
It’s a privilege to be able to work with our wonderful animal companions, we also want our guests to know how fundamental is to respect them and love them as they are.
Thank you from us (humans) and our horses, too.

Horse excursions

gite a cavallo lago di garda

Olive Tree Fields and Horses

each person80 €

Excursion and food/wine tasting experience

  • Duration: 2hr and ½ 

  • Suitable for everybody
escursioni a cavallo

Snuggles and the Horse

each person50 €

Relaxing excursion

  • Duration: 1hr + ½  an hour lesson

  • suitable for everybody


Special Weekend


Magic in the Mountain Pasture

each person320 €

a horse riding weekend

  • 2 nights, breakfast incl.

  • 2 meals, beverages incl.

  • 1 dinner, beverages incl.

  • 1 day and a half horse riding

  • Suitable for experienced horsewomen/horsemen


Nature, History and Folklore


A week long horse riding

This is a different kind of vacation and it’s an unforgettable one!
Scuderia Castello has been making holidays hard to forget for 36 years, taking people along the Garda Bresciano inland territories, Colline Moreniche of the Basso Garda and the territory between two lakes just to amaze you and make you fall in love with nature and the local history… with a skilled guide who knows everything and everybody in the area.
Through the years we’ve selected the more suited ways, the most beautiful paths and long forgotten passages of our territory, creating itineraries that best fit the horses’ legs and apt for our guests’ hearts.
There are many options available, flexible and suited for everybody: experienced riders for extended tours and beginners for a short day trip over the hill surrounding Scuderia Castello.
Valvestino and its folklore, the territory between the two lakes and old boundary stories along with the wine and the oil of the Colline Moreniche, the ancient Via Aurea dating back to the Romans await us for a fun and relaxing time together.
Join us and book the tour closest to your dreams!
soggiorno sul lago con escursioni

Territory and lore

each person700 €

7 nights, breakfast incl.

  • 1 lunch

  •  2 two-hour excursions

  • 1 day horse trekking, lunch included

  • personal room

  • Suited for beginners
soggiorno in alpeggio

Mountain pasture

each person900 €

7 nights, breakfast incl.

  • 1 overnight in the mountain pasture

  • 2 lunches and 1 dinner

  • 2 two-hour excursions

  • 1 day and a half mini trek including overnight at Campei di Fondo

  • personal room

  • Experienced horsewomen/horsemen
escursioni a cavallo

Alto Garda Trekking

each person1.100 €

7 nights, breakfast incl.

  • 2 nights spent in local accommodations on the way

  • 3 lunches and 2 dinners

  • 1 two-hour long excursion

  • 3 day trekking

  • personal room

  • Suitable for experienced horsewomen/horsemen
trekking sul Garda

Valtenesi and Basso Garda trekking

each person1.300 €

7 nights, breakfast incl.

  • 2 nights over local accommodations along the way

  • 3 lunches and 2 dinners

  • 1 wine tasting experience

  • 3 day trekking

  • personal room    

  • Suitable for experienced horsewomen/horsemen



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