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Magic in the Mountain Pasture

A horse riding weekend

Spending two days with us and our horses means immersing yourself into a magic world where connection with people and animals makes your time valuable.
In this option, guests are spending a lot of time with us, but they also have their own privacy and the comfort of a nice room.
You’ll have the opportunity to make friends with your personal horse and when the two of you will be a pair, you’re going to trek together paths and ways and enchanted rural villages which will fill your soul.
I’ll be showing you everything that I consider to be of interest and beautiful. I’ll tell you stories I have gathered during my lifelong journey throughout this territory and I’ll take you along with me while exploring the folklore and traditions that belong to the not-so-well-known inland zones.
Delicious food and drinks are part of the experience that I am sure you’ll enjoy very much.
A night spent in the mountain pasture will be unforgettable: you’re going to go back home with a remarkable sense of wonder and deep connection with nature itself.
You have my word for it!
Organizational details
– This tour is suitable for experienced riders.
– The guide will choose paths and pace.
– Visit to Alto Garda Park and surrounding hills.
– 6 to 7 horse riding hours per day (based on chosen paths and the ability of the group to horse ride).
– During the check in you’ll be informed about the tour and its difficulties and also will be given the timetable of horse trekking.

What the package includes:

  • 2 nights, breakfast incl.
  • 2 meals, beverages incl.
  • 1 dinner, beverages incl.
  • 1 day and a half horse riding
  • support car
  • hay and fodder for the horse
  • a guide


  • suitable for experienced horsewomen/horsemen


each person

320,00 + € 20,00 if you'd like a single room

It's possible to spend a night over at the Scuderia if you arrive the day before adding € 50,00 each person.