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Mountain pasture

A week long horse riding

Option 2
The two 2-hour excursions go through the hill surrounding Scuderia Castello.
You’ll enjoy breathtaking views and traditional villages on the way. Wherever it is possible, slow pace turns into trot and then gallop.
The mini trek is about visiting Alto Garda Park, the surroundings of Mount Pizzocolo, Archesane and Selva Scura valleys following ancient ways dating back the the Great World War. When arriving at Campei di Fondo late in the afternoon, you’ll enjoy dinner, tasting the deliciousness of local wine and food. The silence of the valley will see you along your sleeping time.
It’s about 9 hour trek.
During the check in time we’ll have a quick briefing about dates and timetable of horse tekking. In case of bad weather Scuderia Castello might change the schedule in order to keep guests and horses safe.

What the package includes:

  • 7 nights, breakfast incl.
  • 1 overnight in the mountain pasture
  • 2 lunches and 1 dinner
  • 2 two-hour excursions
  • 1 day and a half mini trek including overnight at Campei di Fondo
  • personal room
  • luggage transportation


  • experienced horsewomen/horsemen


Each person

900 + € 70 if you'd like a single room