A land that speaks to the heart

“For me Garda Lake – with its landscapes, mountains and the sensations I get from these places – is home.
I can't leave for long periods of time because I do belong to this place” - Giovanni Zambiasi

The building of this dream began between 1980 and 1985, first as a group of people who bought the land and the Riding School, then in 2006 Campei was added.
I remember my first horse ride in the Alto Garda Park with a lovely group of friends, a trip that lasted few days with restrictions in communication – we could only use public phones when available (cellular phones were not a thing those days).
Thanks to this wild experience, when I was isolated from the outside world and in direct contact with nature and its rhythms and time line, I then had the inspiration to build everything I've done until now.

An experience to be lived with passion and generosity

I inherited from my grandparents my knowledge of the territory (lake and mountains) and from my parents the awareness that you must take care of your own things to see them grow.

A big family!

I take pride in knowing that I take proper care of my team, the animals (dogs, cats, horses, hens...) and the farm every day.
That's what I offer to my guests: care and attention.
By living this way I hope I will always have a place in the hearts of the people I met and welcome in this land. There's no greater gratification, to me.

Exciting moments at the Scuderia

  • la vedetta
  • pranzi sorprendenti
  • gite emozionanti
  • Cene al chiaro di luna
  • panorami mozzafiato
  • Pane fatto in casa
  • Formaggi freschi
  • Cucina casereccia

Animals in the Scuderia Castello







animali da cortile

Farm animals