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Snuggles and the Horse

Relaxing excursion

From Monday to Saturday - Sunday excluded
Forget about the clock and enjoy the experience!
We’ll start with a short group lesson so that you’ll have the time to connect with your personal horse and we’ll give you the pieces of information to safely horse trek.
It’s a 5 km tour around Gaino, going through historical sites and breathtaking views over Garda Bresciano.
Back to the Scuderia, tasty food and drinks will be available until the sun goes down!
You can also choose to have a delicious dinner at Scuderia and stay overnight in one of our rooms while waiting for the sun to rise and breakfast to be served!
But that’s another kind of story altogether…;-)

What the package includes:

  • Small tasting
  • Duration: 1hr + ½ an hour lesson


  • suitable for everybody


Each person