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Valtenesi and Basso Garda trekking

A week long horse riding

Option 4
The two 2-hour excursions go through the hill surrounding Scuderia Castello.
You’ll enjoy breathtaking views and traditional villages on the way.
You and your horse will have the time to bond and become good friends to get ready for the trekking days.
During the next 3 days, you’ll be guided through the Basso Garda Bresciano, specifically Valtenesi land.
Vineyards and olive tree fields all around while trekking the ancient Roman Aurea way, southbound, following the sweet Moreniche hills of the lake going down the paths that are more fit for the horses’ legs where trot and gallop will be possible.
Total trekking hours: 18 to 20, riding for about 85 km and 1300 mt of height differences.
In order to participate you must know that:

– There are must-walk stretches of road.
– The riders must be able to mount on and off by themselves.
– The riders’ line must be maintained from start to finish.
– Pace will be dictated by the guide.
– There might be delays or possible re-routing due to dangerous obstacles.
During the check in time we’ll have a quick briefing about dates and timetable of horse tekking. In case of bad weather Scuderia Castello might change the schedule in order to keep guests and horses safe.

What the package includes:

  • 7 nights, breakfast incl.
  • 2 nights over local accommodations along the way
  • 3 lunches and 2 dinners
  • 1 wine tasting experience
  • 3 day trekking
  • personal room
  • luggage transportation and support car


  • suitable for experienced horsewomen/horsemen


Each person

1.300 + € 70 if you'd like a single room